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Sea Forms blue.jpg

Carolyn Duke

Sea Forms

I grew up miles from the Atlantic Ocean, along the Jersey shoreline. I watched the ocean year round. The changes day to day, tide to tide. My favorite was always low tide, walking along the breakwater gathering the shells, smooth stones, and pieces of sea glass if you were lucky, that the changing tide had just deposited. The seashells along the new low tide, no two are  the same, you pick up the ones that speak to you.

That is my place, where the ocean meets the sand. That is the line I continually put in my pottery, how a wave makes its imprint against the sand, one wave after another, creating a one of a kind pattern along the shoreline. Always changing, always perfect.

I watch the wave before it breaks, and that motion is also reflected in my work. Watching, always watching. The information is endless.

Low fired stoneware is limited use. Vases hold water. No hot food, dishwasher or microwave. Happy to provide prices and dimensions upon request.

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