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Carolyn Duke’s pottery is both functional and beautiful. Her surfaces are rich and painterly and find harmony with the many different forms and shapes of her pottery. Whether using her pots for flowers, food, or just gazing at them—it’s a rich visual and tactile experience.
One of the most extensive collections of handmade pottery in the Hudson Valley area is Duke Pottery. Carolyn Duke has been honing her beautifully hand built containers, dinnerware and vases  in the Hudson Valley for 25 years.  Her extraordinary textures and finishes range from raku to experimental glaze recipes that are inspired by the beauty of the surrounding woodlands and mountains. Her exquisite low-fired collection sports incised textures and imagery from foliage and plants unique to this area. In addition to her own pottery Carolyn exhibits the work of the many artisians and artists who now call the Catskills home.
 At Duke studios you will discover creations that range from handcrafted furniture to jewelry to photography from all over the world as well as the art of local artists some of whom exhibit in NYC galleries. The range of items are certainly worth the 2 hour drive from NYC not to mention the bucolic vistas that will delight  and lift your spirits during the drive through the beautiful Hudson Valley in Sullivan County.
For me, Carolyn Duke’s shop is like a Brigadoon—a drive along a beautiful country road to a magical barn.  Up the stairs the door opens into a shop that might be in the heart of New York City or Brooklyn.  I walk inside and am surrounded by Carolyn’s exquisite sense of quality, of the beautiful—silks, syrups, hand-spun yarns, jewelry, books, paintings—gleaned from the community of creative artisans, painters and craftspeople working, like Carolyn, in our area studios. It’s Carolyn’s pottery that sets the tone.  Her pieces are poetry. Earthen vessels, Western Zen. Put your hands around them and you can feel the artist’s presence. If you’re like me you’ll want to stay a while to browse its beauties.

Helena Clare Pittman

There’s something about putting yours hands around one of Carolyn Duke’s pots that forges a connection between you, the mountains from which they spring, and the amazing artist who brings them to life.

Kathie Fitzgerald

The pot is gorgeous and when I hold it, I feel love, beauty, fun and magic.

Lisa Brody

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